Kids Bow Set

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Kids Bow Set

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KIds Bow Set

weight(package) : 3kg


Kid bow and arrow set
Draw Weight :≤20 lbs
Draw length:20”
Brace height:6.5”

1.finger tab and armguard
2.two pcs safe arrow

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Safety Tips

These bow and arrows are not toys.

For maximum safety and enjoyment, always exercise with caution, common sense and safety rules when shooting.

1. Never aim or draw your bow while facing any person or object.

2. Never allow anyone to retrieve arrows in the target until all arrows have been shot.

3. Never dry-fire your bow(Never fire without an arrow)

4. Be sure to inspect arrows for imperfections such as cracks, splits or splinters. If an damage is detected, the arrow must be destroyed.

5. Always use an appropriate backdrop for maximum safety. It must be constructed of a durable material and must extend beyound the perimeter of te target. The recommended backstop size is subjected to the accuracy and ability of the target shooter.

6. When shooting at the target, always have full view of the path and beyond the target.



Recommended for children 9 years or older.

Adult supervision required.

Do not shoot these arrows in any other bow.

Misuse or careless use may cause serious injury or death. Please read all instructions before use.

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