Shipping  Fees

Expected delivery days and price calculation

  • Special shipping surcharge
    - This surcharge refers to a charge added to the normal postage in case of an increase in air transportation fees under emergency situations, including natural disaster, pandemic such as COVID-19.
    - The surcharge amounts vary by country, mail category, transportation type, weight, etc.
  • Please note that this page only provides the price information of a destination country, which does not imply the country‚Äôs service availability.
  • For more information and service availability of destination countries, please contact a post office or Korea Post Customer Call Center at (+82) 1588 1300.
  • The expected price is based on the larger figure between the volumetric weight and net weight.
  • Volumetric weight calculation method: Weight(Kg) = ( Width(cm) X Length(cm) X Height(cm) ) / 6000