KMAA(Korean Martial Arts Armory) specialises in providing a range of weapons and equipment for students of Korean Martial arts. In particular, we specialise in Korean swords such as training swords and jinkum(Korean swords with live blades). KMMA also supplies kumdo armor(Kahbot), uniforms and Korean archery equipment.


Korean Swords

All swords being sold through KMAA are made from the finest materials by master craftsmen and master sword smiths in South Korea.  These swords are hand-made and not mass-produced in large factories like they are in other places. Every blade, sword fitting and scabbard is rigorously inspected during manufacture to ensure that they are of the finest quality and that the highest standard of workmanship is maintained.



Kahbot is modern Kumdo armour ( not to be mistaken with Kendo) that is mainly worn for sparring. KMMA's range of Kahbot combines traditional Korean patterns with modern design to create a set of armour that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.  Kahbot provides protection without the need to sacrifice mobility. Its flexible design allows for freedom of movement not only during sparring, but also in practicing sword patterns and cutting. Kahbot is adjustable so it can fit a range of sizes.


Korean Archery

KMMA provides a range of quality equipment for students of Korean archery. We offer Korean bows as well as arrows and quivers.


Customer Service

KMAA was established so that the students and instructors of the Korean martial arts would be provided with high quality equipment and dedicated customer service. Our staff are students of several Korean martial arts, therefore we understand  the equipment needs of masters, instructors and students. Our commitment to our customers is to provide only  high quality equipment and customer service. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries.