Custom-made Sword

Korean sword only for you!

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If you cannot find anything you like or you would like to have a unique sword, we can tailor one just for you!
Just e-mail us and we can start your custom project. A price quote will be given once we have worked out exact specifications.



  • Blade: High quality blade (forged blade type 1)
  • Blade geometry: 6-sided blade, 3-sided blade. You can have groove on your 6-sided blade.
  • Blade length: 67 ~ 75 cm
  • Weight: 900 g ± α(3-sided blade), 1. 1 kg  ± α(6-sided blade)
  • Blade carving: bamboo, tiger, dragon, pine tree
  • Grip: cotton, leather, various colors
  • Hand guards
  • Scabbard
Blade Carving


 Hand Guards

1handguard1.jpg 2handguard2.jpg 3handguard3.jpg
 4handguard4.jpg5handguard5.jpg handguard6.jpg
 13handguard13.jpg 14handguard14.jpg 





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